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What is a CMS

Let's clarify the CMS - Click to learn more
It was August 6, 1991 when the first web page appeared on the world wide web or W.W.W. (maybe you don't know that the idea of ​​the WWW was born at CERN in Geneva!), from there a whole series of protocols and languages ​​for exchanging documents were born. The first websites were "static". Even today you can read this name on some website providers :-); they were called static because they were built with hypertext files in Html and therefore prepared previously and then published so that every time you had to alter a content it had to be done a priori with a software and then upload it to the server !! ... what a time guys!
Confusion often reigns supreme when you approach this world because in fact it is complex and it is easy to get lost among anachromes, different platforms, cms, e-cms, saas and so on. Let's try to clarify first of all on explaining what a CMS is which is currently the best solution for those who want to occupy a place in the network starting from a limited budget !. We leave out proprietary platforms or platforms built with custom-made code because those are usually adopted by large shops and portals that have huge budgets to devote only to their maintenance with dedicated IT departments. A CMS or Content Management System (content management system) as the name implies is a software that allows us to create, edit, publish content on the web. This macro category can be divided into two sub-categories: Saas (Software as a service or software as a service) and Open Source. The first category of Saas includes services offered by platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopyfy and others. In practice, the contents are inside a cloud and the customer pays a monthly subscription fee. They are e-commerce that allow you to sell your products but where it is also possible to create content so they are cms-saas. However, the customer does not have full control of the platform and therefore they are limited for certain types of customers and have a monthly cost. In the second Open Source category, on the other hand, we have software where the customer has full control of the website and its functions. However, the maintenance of the platform depends on the site administrator. Among the most famous are Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop. The advantage of these platforms lies in the fact of having an open code (open-source) that can be downloaded for free and in practice the customer pays only the time necessary for the configuration of the platform and its customization. They have no monthly cost, it is an investment that is made only once, excluding the costs of any updates, perhaps due to the introduction of new features through the use of modules that are often on sale at low cost in the various marketplaces. These opensource software also need a hosting service on which to host the website whose cost is borne by the customer, but nowadays these costs have been significantly reduced so they have little impact on annual budgets. It must be said that in the case of platforms such as Prestashop, but above all Magento, hosting with certain characteristics is required, otherwise functionality problems may arise. In recent years I have specialized above all on Prestashop because I believe it has the best compromise between simplicity of use on the administrator / customer side and multiplicity of functionalities; that is, it is a software that is ideal for small / medium businesses, even international ones. There are thousands of modules that expand its functions and obviously it is possible to have another degree of customization. Magento requires a higher degree of skill from developers but above all it has high management costs.
E-commerce or electronic commerce is a sector that is growing year after year and that already occupies a slice of 14% of total world sales and forecasts point to 23% in 2023 !. This represents an opportunity for businesses looking for an online presence !!.
On the other hand, for personal sites, business sites, tour operators, real estate agencies or other types of websites other than e - commerce, I mainly use Joomla with an integrated page builder which greatly facilitates the updating of the site even by the customer!




  • Prestashop to Prestashop migration
  • Other e-commerce to Prestashop
  • Wordpress migration
  • Joomla migration
Creation of e-commerce platforms from scratch or migration of an existing e-commerce to the new Prestashop platform. Migration consists of transporting data from the old platform to the new one:
  • Catalog of categories and products with prices, images, attributes, SEO metadata, brands, suppliers
  • Customer data with names, surnames, passwords, emails
  • Customer orders with payments, carts, order references
  • Shopping cart discounts and catalog discounts
  • Taxes
  • Localization such as currencies, countries, languages
  • Redirect to new url if needed to maintain ranking
  • Redesign of the customized graphic layout
  • Audit - Check to be in compliance with the GDPR UE 2016/679 regulation
During the creation of the new shop the old platform remains active regularly and only at the end are the data synchronized so that there is no loss of information. The layout must always be redone especially taking into account the mobile version as nowadays Google takes the mobile version as a reference for its algorithms that must decide the ranking of a website. Precisely for this reason I have always created "Mobile-First" websites but above all e-commerce where the contents differ from mobile to desktop ... interesting isn't it? :-).
It goes without saying that particular care must be given to the 3 pillars of an e-commerce which are the home page, the product page and the checkout and this is always extremely personalized depending on the shop, on the other hand it is in the product page that you decide. a potential conversion. Nothing is left to chance!
CMS development

CMS development

  • Prestashop
  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
Currently, any business that wants to expand its clientele, expand its sales market or simply make itself known must have an online presence. Whether it's a physical store, a freelancer, a public entity or a company, an online presence is a must.
With the various CMS platforms it is possible to build corporate websites, websites for freelancers such as lawyers, doctors, architects, psychologists, websites for travel agencies and tour operators, portfolio websites for professionals offering services and of course e-commerce for sell their products everywhere and more.


  • Old website Restyling
  • Usability improvement
  • SEO check
Websites age and become obsolete for various reasons, including the fast evolution of the web and its related technologies! The average life of a site before it becomes obsolete can be counted in the palm of your hand !. Just think that there are still many websites that are not suitable for browsing with mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets, here these sites are no longer considered in main engine searche like Google and it is as if they did not exist !.
Restyling is a fairly complex process because there are various aspects to take into account such as eg. the case of an already established brand where the image is important for which attention is needed to maintain those characteristics that then constitute the appearance or appeal. Often we have to do with websites belonging to the era of counters, background music or three-dimensional effects, here in this case everything has to be redone of course !. Rethinking a layout must also take into account a possible change in the image of the entity it represents, which is why this operation is not a simple graphic remake but requires much more attention to the processes used.
Cms upgrade

CMS Upgrade

  • Prestashop upgrade
  • Joomla upgrade
  • Wordpress upgrade
The upgrade of a platform is done for various reasons including mainly the resolution of important security-related bugs for example because we need new features or even a restructuring of the contents. When the changes are light and need a simple rearrangement, you opt for an upgrade while if the changes are substantial it is better to start from scratch on a new platform. We could take the example of a used car in which we spend money to keep it running despite the constant presence of problems when instead we could buy a new, safer and more modern one, in the end, doing the math, it is better to start from scratch and rebuild everything on a new one platform.

In an increasingly dynamic network society

websites must respond with the same dynamism

Completed projects

Some works made around the world



Production brand of underwear and technological clothing for cycling and sports


One of the largest international shops specializing in the sale of tea.
Motomaniashop moto accessories


International shop dedicated to the sale of motorcycle and racing components.
Sicilymart - gastronomic sicilian produtcs


Sicilian marketplace for the international sale of local gastronomic products.
Eaglesrock tours and safaris

Eaglesrock tours & safaris

Namibian tour operator specialized in tours and safaris in African countries.


E-commerce dedicated to the sale of orthopedic material on the European market.
Ottica Colli


International sale of sunglasses and eyeglasses, contact lenses.
Kissme make up Milano

Kissme Cosmetics Ltd

Kissme Cosmetics Ltd is a Milanese startup in the international cosmetics sector.
Sattronic  metal detectors


International Swiss e-commerce with a large assortment of metal detectors.
Cool Tech LLC auto accessories

Cool Tech LLC

Cool Tech LLC Californian shop selling accessories for special cars of various brands.
Perilcane vendita cucce, alimentazione e accessori per cani


Sale and supply of sports, fitness and leisure equipment
Perilcane vendita cucce, alimentazione e accessori per cani


National shop specializing in the sale of products for dogs and cats such as kennels and accessories.
Alimenti animali online


Shop specialized in feeding dogs and cats with high quality products.
Callygraphy Arts

Calligraphy Arts

Calligraphy Arts international sale of specialty pens and inks.
Renzo Cantarelli

Renzo Cantarelli

Official site of the Italian singer-songwriter Renzo Cantarelli with various thematic areas.
Knax handmade racks

Knax - wood coat racks

International sale of handmade wooden hangers in Denmark.
Tire inner tubes

Tire InnerTube

American shop extremely specialized in inner tubes for work vehicles.

Luxado Outlet

Italian e-commerce focused on the sale of children's footwear of various brands.
Mokaor caffe


Italian roasting brand with international sales of coffee, infusions and machines.


Official Italian site for the Luciano Manara amateur sports association.
Filipa Biggi designer

Filipa Biggi designer

Graphics design and brand image services
LookOver shop


E-commerce for the sale of personalized jewelery made in Italy
LookOver shop

Lookover shop

E-commerce cosmetic products
Sailornautica nautic accessories


Sale of nautical accessories, specialized in high quality screws and bolts and stainless steel.
Viborastore negozio articoli sportivi


Viborastore is an Italian startup for international sale of sporting goods.
Katodo shop


International shop for the sale of electronic components for robotics.
Visceglia cartografia


Cartografica Visceglia, international sale of customized geographical maps.

Caterina Migno

Caterina Migno tour guide with great experience of Africa and especially Namibia.
Weaver street market

Weaver Street Market

North Carolina agribusiness cooperative with its own business model.
Arkris cristiano troccoli architect


Professional architectural consultancy website with services related to this sector.

Motomeccanica Navale

Motomeccanica navale shipbuilding sector
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